10 Marketing Ideas for New Construction Companies

  • Jul 29, 2018

If you have just started your own construction company and have completed all the requirements to have a business name and license, it is time to promote your business. Promoting your business is not easy, but it is important to let people know that you have opened your business and are offering construction services. If you want your construction company to stand up above the rest, you should dedicate some energy to marketing your business. By following the following marketing tips, your promotion will likely prove to be a profitable choice.

1. Go to trade shows: Many communities hold annual home shows where local businesses display information about their products or services. People who attend these events are usually homeowners or interested homeowners who are looking for information about what services are available to them. These trade shows are a great opportunities for construction professionals to interact with their community and get their name out to people who are likely to be interested in their services. Trade shows allow professionals to network and develop prospects.

2. Use social media: Social media is an important, if not crucial, way for businesses to connect with consumers. For new construction companies, it can be a way to target consumers within a specific geographic area who have indicated an interest in buying or building a new home. Social media is also a great way to respond to questions and submit information about trending and relevant topics. Interacting with clients on a social level establishes confidence and trust.  When clients feel like they have a good relationship with their contractors or architects, they are much more likely to refer their services and contact them again for future projects. At the very least, you should have a Facebook Page for your business, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn profile.

3. Design a stunning logo: Logos have become one of the very important parts of marketing strategies. Construction businesses are able to market their companies globally with the help of a corporate identity. A logo is what makes your identification easier for the world of consumers; therefore, you must take your corporate identity very seriously. You want your logo to be easily recognizable, smart, and relevant to your type of business.

4. Ask for referrals: While it may seem pushy, asking for referrals from current and past clients is one of the easiest ways to market your business. You can also ask them for feedback, which can be used on your website or ads. Offer a “commission” for referrals, or entry into a raffle for each referral. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing, and most people are willing to take their friends’ advice over a newspaper advertisement.

5. Host an open house: A great way to get people to come to you is to host an open house or other similar type of event at your office or store. You can even work together with similar businesses in your community to host an even bigger event. An open house is a great way to establish a relationship with current and potential customers, since it is more of social gathering than a sales pitch. Plus, customers will be able to take a look at your products or services without feeling as pressured to buy something.

6. Become accredited: Get accredited with the appropriate organizations. Homeowners look for this when searching for a reliable, reputable company. The Better Business Bureau and the Home Builders Association are a good place to start. Make sure to include these logos in your advertising campaigns and on your website.

7. Be your own billboard: Utilize your vehicle to advertise your business with magnets. Although most magnets can be pricey initially, you will never have to pay for this promotion again. Make sure your magnet is large enough to be seen, and don’t forget to include all of your important information like your company name and phone number. This way, no matter where you are or where you’re going, people on the road will take notice of your business.

8. Advertise on location: It is not uncommon to see signs in front yards of homes that advertise construction or real estate companies. Many construction companies get new clients in each neighborhood due to these. The more signs you have all over your community, the more often people will see your company’s name. If people see your sign in their neighbor’s yard, they’ll probably assume that your company is trustworthy. Plus, if prospective clients like what they see, they are bound to contact your company.

9. Collaborate with your community: Initiate partnerships with groups or people that you work with to make projects come to fruition. These people may include other contractors, bankers, or real estate agents. These partnerships might help spread the word about your services, and you can expand your reach to new clients. You can also offer free services to your community. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your skills and advertise your abilities by doing volunteer work.  Give out your promotional items, like brochures and flyers, during the event. You can boost your company’s reputation in your community by being a responsible and helpful part of it.

10. Maintain a website and blog: In this day and age, every professional needs a website, but not just any website will do. Having a professional and eye-catching website with useful information and a solid SEO strategy definitely helps. Keyword phrases and relevant, original content builds traffic to optimize your pages. A blog can be even more helpful for SEO purposes and can help construction professionals generate new content that interests potential clients. Submit your blog to eZine articles,  ConstrcutionDeals.com and link it to your profile on LinkedIn and Facebook so it’s always keeping your prospective clients updated. People are more likely to seek out your services if they feel like they “know” you. Having a blog that you regularly update can help foster a community. Plus, it allows your clients to contact you during off-hours.